Sonic Groove Society & Manuel Rocheman Trio

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 – Sweden/Lebanon

Sonic Groove Society is a musical journey stretching beyond limits of traditional genres with the goal set to define its own space in today’s global music spectrum. "World Music", internet, globalization and many other recent phenomenas has opened up artistic possibilities one could only dream of some years ago. Exchange of knowledge about anything from global styles to local traditions, from advanced technology to ancient musical instruments inspires and drives many present-day musicians to new experiments. 

Sonic Groove Society is a collaboration between 6 very strong such multi-style musical personalities coming together to rewrite their previous experiences in different ethnic or electronic genres. Featuring Björn Meyer's (S) versatile bass playing, the rich textures of electronic musician Liliane Chlela (Leb) and the irresistible drive of four percussionists from Europe and Lebanon - Fouad (Leb), Fredrik Gille (S), Samuel Rohrer (Sch) and Khaled Yassine (Leb) - a collective of many years, travels, sounds, grooves and experiences gets redefined and unified - Sonic Groove Society.

Manuel Rocheman Trio – France

Born in 1964 in Paris, MANUEL ROCHEMAN comes from a family of musicians.

While staying in New York in 1980 he met TOMMY FLANAGAN and JAKI BYARD who urged him on. He kept in close touch with them until they passed away. That same year BOB VATEL introduced him to MARTIAL SOLAL and as chance would have it Martial accepted to take Manuel on as his only pupil. By 1983 he was performing professionally in Paris with a trio, in 1984 he played two pianos with Martial Solal at the Paris Jazz Festival and from then on it was one engagement after another.


The profession was very quick to acknowledge his immense talent: best French pianist at the Martial Solal Jazz Piano international competition in 1989. In 1991 he won the best disc award from the Académie du Jazz for his first CD Trio Urbain. In 1992 he won the Django d’Or for the best French disc for his second CD White Keys. Convinced by his personality and his talent, Fondation BNP Paribas, one of the few sponsors on the jazz scene, accompanied his career development from 1995 to 2002. In 1998 he won the Django Reinhardt Prize of the Académie du Jazz for the musician of the year.


Manuel has demonstrated his talent as a composer on his albums, particularly those recorded in New York with two giants, double-bass player GEORGE MRAZ and drummer AL FOSTER, and Cactus Dance, recorded with SCOTT COLLEY (bass) and ANTONIO SANCHEZ (drums).


Manuel Rocheman has released his latest album misTeRIO in 2016, accompanied by MATHIAS ALLAMANE: (double-bass) and MATTHIEU CHAZARENC: (drums, percussion).


Manuel has toured in over 30 countries around the world and has appeared at major international Jazz Festivals.

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Haya Cultural Center

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