Limitless - Issa Assaf


Limitless is the biggest life coaching event hosted in Jordan and the first of its kind when it comes to its size and the “Firewalk” experience, designed not only to help you transform their lives forever, but to also enable you to create lasting breakthroughs in every area of your life by equipping you with state of the art tools and strategies delivered by a faculty of world class trainers and coaches that turn years of trying into weeks of results.

 About Issa:

Issa Assaf is a Life Coach specialized in helping people lead an extraordinary life by mastering the Art of Fulfillment, and the Science of Achievement. For the last 2 years Issa has worked with hundreds of people from all over the world either through personal Peak Performance Coaching, or his massive seminars. He helped people create breakthroughs towards an extraordinary life whether it was quitting smoking after 30+ years of addiction, overcome life-long phobias, hitting record business targets, or even transforming their bodies. With a following of thousands across multiple social media channels, Issa is able to reach more people every day with his videos that are designed to share quick, simple, and effective tools to help them build towards their “Best Year Yet”, bringing him closer to his insatiable obsession of touching a Billion hearts.

 Guest speakers:-

 To help you master personal transformation:

 Allan Kleynhans – International speaker, trainer, and coach with an experience of 18 years specialized in self-mastery and transformation. Allan is one of the senior trainers working with world renowned Life strategist Tony Robbins in his mega events hosting tens of thousands of people from all over the world multiple times throughout the year. He’s a certified firewalk facilitator, organizing firewalks all over the world to help people breakthrough their fears and reach dimension of self Mastery.

 To help you master Relationships:

 Fadi El Halabi - A Psychotherapist/counselor for couples and adults, a T.V. and Radio talk show host, a frequent guest speaker in universities/private sector, and a facilitator/trainer with an extensive experience in human relations and personal development. He holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and is specialized in group dynamics. He is also a Master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming and practitioner in transactional analysis. Fadi is based in Beirut, Lebanon

The Limitless experience will help you to:

-Transcend your fears
-Understand how to Experience unprecedented levels of energy in your body
-Master your state Master your relationships
-Aquire peak performance strategies
-Develop a bulletproof psychology
-Release the weights that have been holding you back
-Breakthrough destructive stories and beliefs
-Experience the firewalk

Event Seating Plan

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Opera House - Sweifieh
Date : 25/8/2017

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