First Arab exhibition for maternity

 المعرض العربي الأول لتجهيزات المرأة والطفل

 فندق الميريديان

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دينار20  : شامل عشاء + المعرض + جوائز
دنانير5 : تسوق المعرض + الجوائز
دنانير3 : تسوق المعرض فقط

للحجز والاستفسار 0798951561 و 062001171 

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First Arab exhibition for maternity and new born supplies

 Le Meridien

First forum and exhibition, solely dedicated to maternity, pregnancy and baby care issues.
All maternity needs under one shelter.
First-of-a-kind fashion show, maternity and baby fashion.
Specialized workshops for Dr. Rola Qtami
Specialized workshops led by best professionals in the field.
Thousands of presents and prizes
Fine dinner, with company of elite, popular artists and social media celebrities.

Fashion show brought by :
C you & Jakettah


Event Seating Plan

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Le Meridien - Amman

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