Sylvain Rifflet & Moises Sanchez

On the 26th of April, Sylvain Rifflet & Moises Sanchez will be performing live at Haya Cultural Center.
The music sounds like today' s pure acoustic jazz based on post bop elements! not to be missed!

Ticket Price: 10JD

MOISÉS P. SÁNCHEZ, pianist, composer & producer

His musical Journey started as soon as he was able to sit at the piano, being just 3 years old. Guided in this early stage by his father, he got acquainted with almost every musical style and influence. This singular education led Moisés to develop a unique approach to the instrument and music itself.

With just 17 years he started playing professionally and since then he crafted a versatile and prolific career, playing with and producing a wide range of top line artists.

His peculiar way of learning and understanding music impels him to adopt a wide perspective on improvisation, arrangements, harmony and composition. He plays various styles, symphonic rock of the 70’s, classical music and contemporary music. Many consider him the most original and surprising performer of his generation.

“Metamorfosis" latest album by Moisés P. Sánchez has been chosen as the album of the year 2017 within the category of Jazz in the awards of independent music (MIN).

TOÑO MIGUEL, double bass

Antonio Miguel, bassist and composer, began playing electric bass at the age of 16. Later he studied classical music at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza, and obtained a diploma in jazz music from the Amaniel Professional Conservatory and Escuela de Musica Creativa.

BORJA BARRUETA, drums, percussion and lap steel

Borja Barrueta is a drummer from Bilbao (Spain, 1975). He has performed with many different artis like Jorge Drexler, Carmen Pari s, DePedro, Javier Colina, Perico Sambeat, Jorge Pardo, Ara Malikian, Antonio Carmona, Joe Lovano, Lionel Loueke, Buika, Javier Ruibal, Kevin Johansen, Antonio Serrano, Moise s P. Sanchez, and many others.


Singer, songwriter and music therapist. Fond of new sonorities, risky harmonies and sound environments, the style where she feels more comfortable is nu-jazz, although there are many more influences in her music: folk, pop or electronic music. In the lyrics of her songs you can feel a poetic touch that comes from her beginning relationship with poetry.

Sylvain Rifflet, Mechanics – France

Saxophonist and composer Sylvain Rifflet captures the pulse of our time. With his group, he is the architect of innovative and captivating music, where modern jazz juggles with swirls of New Yorkish minimalism. It is no coincidence that he chose to illustrate his new album Mechanics with a drawing by François Schuiten, retro-futurist writer and illustrator, who loves skies full of spherical flying objects and worlds imagined out of time, inspired by the flavours of early science-fiction.

Sylvain Rifflet crafts a rock/jazz machine far from the world of industrial noise and leads this electro acoustic combo as a master of a mechanism resplendent with precise timings and interwoven strengths. Addictive sound waves wash through a timeless moment when “all opposites can co-exist in harmony”.

Philippe Gordiani has a full guitar sound, with solid riffs and undulating melodies. He can create atmosphere, play rock and produce sound effects and is an eclectic musician, playing electro acoustic or improvising from scratch. Along with Benjamin Flament, he gives the rhythm section its essential strength. He writes music for the stage (theatre and dance) and is keenly aware of how the sound distribution should be in a group such as this, with no bass.

Benjamin Flament is a peerless percussionist, an inventor of metal instruments, a talented improviser and dedicated accompanist. He creates the group’s sound environment with his special resonance, both garage and industrial, and rhythmic and melodic elements. 

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