Permission To Think Freely

PERMISSION TO THINK FREELY is unlike anything that has been done before. It is a unique and beyond-words experience. You will FEEL love, connection, and empowerment in an entirely new way!

An intentful spoken word performance by Adam Roa and an opening motivational talk by Salah Amireh!

For information: 079 6112242

Tickets sold at:
Trainers Gym - Abdallah Ghosheh St.
Chili House - Dahiyet Al Hussein
Fann w Shai - Al Weibdeh

VIP Tickets include a private dinner and Q&A session with Adam on the second day April 9th 2019 at 8:00pm at Palma Restaurant.

Adam Is a conscious artist and spoken word poet who has performed all over the world. This motivational performance, PERMISSION TO THINK FREELY, is an examination of how we've created the current reality we are living in and how we can shift into a more loving future, told through the lens of art. Adam implements thought provoking personal development concepts with real world applicability and deep emotional exploration to take the audience on a spiritual, lyrical, philosophical AND scientific journey that is unlike anything you've experienced before.

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Generations for Peace Auditorium

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