Omar Faqir | Daniel Erdmann's Velvet Revolution

Omar Faqir “One Heart” The Worldwide Jazz Collaboration Project (JO/SY/LB)
 Guest: Michelle Rounds (AU)

Omar Faqir - piano
Alaa Al Faqir - guitar
Omar Harb - bass
Gio Najarian - drums
Michelle Rounds - vocals

Omar Al Faqir was born in Amman-Jordan to a family who has been creating music for more than 100 years. Omar and his relatives created the first Jazz-fusion band in Jordan "Faculty –X" introducing Amman to Jazz-Fusion and playing at virtually every venue, theatre and festival in the region. He has performed with many renowned musicians including Stanley Jordan, Charles Davis, Noah Howard, and recorded the first Jordanian-American Jazz album "Desert Harmony" with the late saxophone player Noah Howard. Omar’s recent albums are "From within", "Faculty-X" , and “Pulse” which feature Dave Weckl, Tom Brechtlein, Abed Faqir, Omar Harb and Alaa Faqir. His recent worldwide jazz collaboration project “One Heart” includes many great international Jazz musicians.

Friday 19 April 2019 – 8:30 PM
Daniel Erdmann's Velvet Revolution (DE)

Daniel Erdmann - saxophone
Vincent Courtois – cello
Jim Hart - vibraphone

Daniel Erdmann, a self-confessed lover of melody, had been carrying "the sound of a trio in my ear" whilst looking for the right musicians to allow the inner sound tonbecome a reality, and in Vincent Courtois on cello and Jim Hart on the vibraphonenhas found the perfect team for the project.

His tunes consist of compact melodic statements, short musical narratives that open up for free flowing discussion between the participants. Without the rhythmic propulsion of either a drummer or bassist, each musician is able to make full use of their individual strengths and to find different and imaginative ways of setting, defining and leaning into the pulse. From start to finish, the listener is taken on a journey of musical colour through composition and intelligent improvisation, each short piece a multi-faceted jewel that's peppered with surprises and irrepressible musicality.

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