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BalQeis (EG)

BalQeis is an Egyptian oud player & live looping artist who began playing oud with traditional oriental music about 15 years ago. She has developed her style to include electronic, alternative, rock with oriental. Her innovative style and extraordinary musicality render her one of the most sought after solo oud/live-looping performers in the region and her versality enables her to also work with numerous bands and musicians in Egypt and abroad.

Saturday 20 April 2019 – 7:30 PM 
Yacoub Abu Ghosh Trio (JO)

Guests: BalQeis (EG) & Michelle Rounds (AU)

Yacoub Abu Ghosh – Nasser Basheer – piano
Ali Fanni – drums
BalQeis – oud
Michelle Rounds – vocals

Yacoub Abu Ghosh is a Jordanian composer, arranger, producer, performer and entrepreneur who has been active on the Jordanian and regional music scene for more that 20 years and is considered one of the founders of the independent music scene in the Arab world. During his career he has produced 5 albums of his own works and is currently working on a sixth album projected to be launched sometime in 2019 in addition to several projects and collaborations with various musicians from Jordan and the region.

Saturday 20 April 2019 – 8:45 PM 
Javier Díez Ena (ES) & Yazan Sarairah (JO)

Javier Díez Ena – Double bassist, thereminist and electronic musician, Javier Díez Ena, has most of his musical activity bound to avant-jazz band Dead Capo. He is in numerous other bands and in 2017 released “Theremonial, Dark & Exotic Theremin Music.” (Alehop / Beat Generation) with 10 original compositions using only Theremin. In his live presentations he plays strictly live loops (no playback or pre-recorded material is used) with one or two theremins.

Yazan Sarairah - A live looping Musician / Singer / Songwriter from Amman/Jordan. Put together Ambient Bedouin Indie Arabic tunes with experimental electro grooves and you get a breathtaking psychedelic fusion that makes Yazan's music stand out.

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