Maryanka, Nareg & Yarub |Fanfaredeloup Project OrienTales feat. Ibrahim Kevo and Yarub Smarait

Maryanka Golovchenko (UA), Nareg Abajian (LB), and Yarub Smarait (JO)

Maryanka Golovchenko – vocals
Nareg Abajian – piano
Yarub Smarait – violin

Maryanka Golovchenko from Kyiv, Ukraine, is a singer, musician, festival maker, teacher and researcher in the field of culture. She has expertise in international crossover music and cultural projects (both Eastern and Western Europe). Maryana`s collaborations include works with musicians, choirs, filmmakers, visual artists, sound-designers, dancers, and choreographers. Her current focus is on fusing traditional music from Eastern Europe and Ukraine specifically with the different type of contemporary music styles (from classical to jazz and electronics) as well as musical traditions of other countries and continents.

Tuesday 23 April – 7:45 PM
Fanfareduloup Project OrienTales (CH) feat.
Ibrahim Kevo (SY) and Yarub Smarait (JO)

Fanfareduloup Orchestra is undoubtedly the ensemble that stands out most in the Geneva musical landscape - and even beyond - by its diversity and versatility. Founded nearly 40 years ago, now independent of the Théâtre du Loup for 22 years, it is an atypical orchestra, rich of great and new experiences.

Fanfareduloup Orchestra is a Musical collective composed of 13 musicians, improvisers, and composers. Director and conductor: Philippe Clerc Far from single repertoire ensembles, whether in jazz or classical, the orchestra likes to cultivate this rich and innovative art of multiple influences, in this project Fanfareduloup Project Orientales combining compositions from the Levantand North East Syria with the orchestra’s special creative arrangement to be featured in Jordan during the Amman Jazz Festival’s 8th edition next April. The program is arranged by Nareg Abajian and members of the orchestra.

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Al Shams Theater

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