Ghaem Jozi

Odai Shawagfeh

An audio/visual solo project by Odai Shawagfeh, who is El-Morabba3’s guitarist and music producer, in addition to Hayajan’s guitarist. Ghaem Jozi is Arabic for partly cloudy. A Microtonal Maqam/Electronic sound from Jordan, the Middle East.

Odai created a personal, distinct sound that is one of its kind where he combines space elements and Bedouin origins, interpreted in maqam (Middle Eastern & Gulf scales). In essence, harmony is the core of his productions and musical sounds.

To experience Ghaem Jozi, imagine a nomad experiencing the wind of the desert that transcends his soul to metaphysical spheres and plains while his bare feet walk the path of the Bedouins. This music is the soundtrack to that journey where it’s both familiar yet somehow peculiar. Through his music, the strange becomes welcoming; the whole universe is your home.

His sound encompasses an array of musical instruments that are governed by melodic rhythm.

Playing his music live, Ghaem Jozi takes you on a ride out of this planet through his use of guitars, synthesizers, drum machines and vocals. In the field of production; he experiments with time through recording and sampling his own music. He also works on the lyrical aspect, where he not only introduces you to his instrumental sound but also his ideology via the use of words.

The lyrical aspect involves not only the use of his own words but also invites the collaboration with other artists. The context of his work talks about personal shortcomings of individual experience. He wants people to look inwardly as his sound provokes the philosophy of the only way out is in. He also works on covers that bring nostalgia to the surface by bridging the generational gap of old and new. Allowing classic listeners to embrace new music and young people to appreciate the old.

In addition to composing soundtracks for movie scores and continuously working on independent projects, he’s in the process of producing his first album that solidifies his sound that anchors his persona. In order to producehis album, Odai went on a path of self-discovery. This path involves an immense amount of research, hours upon hours of experimentation and striving to convey his story. This amalgamate of sound is in essence a window into his subconscious, joining musical influences with life experiences and ultimately bringing forth the recipe that is, Ghaem Jozi.

غائم جزئي هو مشروع موسيقي يحتوي على عمل سمعي بصري يهدف الى استفزاز نوع جديد من التجربة الموسيقية التي تستحضر ليس فقط حاسة السمع بل أيضا البصر, الامر الذي يجعل المشارك جزء لا يتجزأ من التجربة الموسيقية الشخصية.

صوت غائم جزئي له طابع مميز وفريد من نوعه حيث يجمع عناصر من الفضاء والأصول البدوية, باستخدامه للمقامات العربية والشرقية ودمجها بالموسيقية الالكترونية التجريبية.


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