Tom Jones Live at Royal Cultural Palace

Tom Jones is a Welsh singer who has produced hits all over the world. He is an artist of true rhythm and blues soul.
The legendary Sir Tom Jones will perform live in concert at the Jordan Festival at the Royal Cultural Palace on Wednesday 8th of August!
Mark your calendars for a magical unforgettable musical concert.

For more information visit or call 07 9747 1747
Tom Jones concert has been relocated to the Cultural Palace / Al Hussein Youth City.

VIP 1 300
VIP 2  280
 VIP 3 250
Class A 1 230
Class A 2 200
Class A 3  180
Class B 1 150
Class B 2  125
 Class B 3 100
Class C 1 80
(Not available)
 Class C 2 60
(Not available)
 Class C 3 40
(Not available)
Class D 30

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